Option 1: As a group, rotate in 3 designated countries Option 2: As a group, spend 1 month traveling in a number of countries, and then choose individual destination for the rest 2 months. Option 3: choosing 1 destination to reside for 3 months 套餐一:以小组为单位在三个国家每个住3个月 套餐二:以小组为单位1个月在多个国家旅行,之后以个人为单位选择一个国家居住余下2个月 套餐三:选择一个国家居住

Because you will be traveling in groups, we will do our best to group people with similar preferences together. 因为项目是以小组为单位,我们会尽量满足您的住宿要求,帮您安排合适的小组。

4. Is there something you always wanted to try or learn but haven't done so? What is it? 你有没有一直想要做或者学习的事情还没有达成?是什么呢?

5. Tell us about your most memorable trip to date - where and why? | 目前为止你最难忘的一次旅行经历是在哪?为什么?

Which countries have you visited or lived in? | 你已经去过哪些国家?在哪个国家居住过吗?|