The World’s First 
Lifestyle Exploration Program
Seeking Self Through Seeing the World
Someone who is struggling with big life decisions right now – another degree or finding a job and settle down?
Someone who is happy with what you are doing right now but can’t imagine doing this for the rest of your life?
Someone who once said to yourself ‘I will live in XXX‘, or ’I will learn XXX?’, and forgot about it in your routine?
Someone who, no matter how stable your life is right now, there is a voice, a spark in you that screams ‘I want better!!!’?
Someone who loves adventures?
Someone who likes to learn and figure things out?    
Someone who understands that it doesn’t matter what you do – YOUR experience of YOUR life is in YOUR own hands?
WoSeeker International Alliance is the world’s first lifestyle exploration program based in Canada, China and Italy. We aim to help keen graduates and young professionals develop an understanding of themselves and their interests, living in multiple countries in the world. A typical participant would spend 2 to 3 months in each country before moving to the next, for a total of 3 countries. In each country, the participant will be assigned a different activity, from introspection and language courses, adventures, to work alongside a successful entrepreneur. A woseeker would have a global perspective and knows what is out there in the world, an ability to adapt into different cultures and environments in no time, and knowledge of the kind of work they want to do that makes life meaningful.
A new group starts every month. You get to live in 3 designated countries in the world with your fellow teammates and perform activities such as language learning, personal development, exploration, projects, or courses at top-ranked universities in the world for a career field of your choice. 
Option 1 is the standard WoSeeker program. 
Base Price: $20500 USD
A new group starts every month. You get to spend 1 month traveling in 3 designated countries with your fellow teammates, and by the end of the month, you will return to one country of your choice for 2 months, learning and polishing your resume in a career field of your choice. 
Option 2 is for people with limited time who want to gather data ASAP and dive in right away.
Base Price: $11700 USD 
We believe that self-knowledge is the source of all motivation to act, hence all woseekers will be recommended introspection courses and/or consulting in order to help you understand your values and interests. 
Ever thought about your old goal or learning French in Paris, or dreams of learning photography or composing? WoSeeker provides opportunities for you to explore areas in your life that you never tappedn into but always wondered about. 
We provide opportunities for you to volunteer, intern or shadow a successful entrepreneur (where you get to watch how they run their businesses and lives), so you have practical experience in a career field. 

Self Knowledge

personal growth course
customized for your needs

World Trotting

travel with a purpose
see what you couldn’t see

Life-long Friends

live abroad together &
forming unbreakable bonds

Top 100 Uni Courses

explore career options 
study at world’s top universities 

International Experience

expansion of vision
 earn title of ‘global citizen’

Boost Resume

international experience
increase your competency

Flexible Options

you choose the date and time
pack and go!

Bucket List Checked

don’t wait for a mid-life crisis
do it now!
If you are reading this, you probably have gone through years of education and established yourself in some ways in the world. However, having earned a living doesn’t seem fulfilling – there might be a voice in you that urges you to explore the meaning of life and your true interests – these are things we never learned as a part of our education! If there was an opportunity that requires months or a year of your time to connect with yourself, to explore the world, and to experience different careers – If this time is spent enriching your soul while adding to your professional experience, would it count as a waste of time?
 At WoSeeker, we spend a lot of time and resources to design each individual program, especially the practical portion, where we offer opportunities that other organizations cannot provide (experience of a career field in a short period, where you perform tasks with guidance, but won’t be burdened with workload or bored by repetitiveness). In addition, roughly half of the program fee goes to a third party course (personal growth, language course, culture exploration course etc), where we make zero profit. In fact, as an organization, we are trying to break even and create maximum value to you, which is our highest priority.                        
Studying is a part of the program, with the objective of learning about yourself and what fulfills your life. WoSeeker programs also include exploration of your interests through activities, as well as practical career experiences. It is a program that truly facilitate a differen lifestyle. 
 A part of the program is for you to establish knowledge and experience in a particular career field/industry, thus upon completion, you actually have some practical experience to put on your resume. This process aims to facilitate learning for you (hence YOU are the focus). Also, the practical portion is only one third of our program  - learning and exploration are the other two very important parts.
You might have had some traveling experience, where you arrive, listen to the stories and history, take pictures, walk around, and then move on. WoSeeker offers you an opportunity to live in foreign countries like a local, to experience the different cultures and customs, to make friend with people from all over the world, and to immerse yourself in a completely different lifestyle than your routine. After a standard triple-rotation, you can pronounce yourself as someone who lived in three different countries! 
WoSeeker International Alliance’s headquarter is in Vancouver, Canada, with operations in China and Italy. Due to the fact that all transactions occur in an international setting, we selected USD as the currency of payment. If you have issues with payment or currency exchange – no problem! We are happy to quote and charge in other major currencies based on the exchange rate of the day. 
We say ‘later’, ‘too hard’, ‘when I have money’, ‘when I have time’, ‘when I feel ready’ – these conditions never happen because we have to create them, not wait for them.
In March 2017, the founder of WoSeeker was featured by Young Women Entrepreneurs Club. She talked about the journey of being an entrepreneur and the pursuit of a lifestyle.
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On April 26, 2017, the founder of WoSeeker Alliance was interviewed by the Italian television program Aria Pulita in Bologna, Emlia Romagna. She was invited as a pioneer of foreign creative entrepreneurs in Italy. 
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